Good Behaviour

We praise positive behaviour, attitude and effort and seek to increase children’s awareness of the need to make a positive contribution to their community. When pupils need reminding of the rules, this is done quietly and calmly with the aim of them getting back on task as soon as possible.

Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and respect the views of others, but we also aim for each child to feel respected in their own right.

From regular ‘grumble time’ to the ‘open door’ policy of our Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team, every child has a regular opportunity to voice his or her worries, grievances and complaints. Each class is also represented on the School Council which meets regularly to discuss ideas and any concerns the children have about the school.

Working together to improve behaviour

We keep parents informed of incidents of unacceptable behaviour and will work closely with them to rectify the situation.

Ideally standards set at home and school should complement each other with sanctions adopted outside school reinforcing those being used in school.