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Parent Teacher Association

Wedmore is renowned for its thriving community spirit and the First School Academy and Nursery is at the heart of this community. Some 260 children attend the school and there are 106 families in total.

The PTA is a volunteer group co-ordinating a programme of fundraising events for the school throughout the year, raising much-needed funds to support school initiatives and enhance the children’s school experiences.

Where does the money go?

The £11,000 raised was all donated back to the school, funding the following last year;

  • Providing and Maintaining the School Pool
  • First Aid Training
  • Subsidising Swimming Lessons for KS1
  • Sports Coaching
  • French Lessons for KS1
  • Learning Resources
  • First News Newspaper
  • KS2 Zoolab Experience
  • Materials for Class Room projects 

It would be great if we could beat the target this year as unfortunately, we didn’t raise enough to continue to fund French lessons for KS1 this year.   We really hope to be able to re-instate this next year.

Who is Involved?

We all are. You can become involved with the PTA as much or as little as you like. We host a meeting every six weeks, usually in the pub, it is very informal and we discuss upcoming fundraising events. Whether it's coordinating an event or just helping out, every bit of help or input is greatly appreciated. Selling ice creams and cakes after school, lending a hand to set up a stall at an event, going on a first aid course to help at the pool after school or at weekends, selling raffle tickets, the list is endless and without the help of our children's parents we wouldn't be able to raise the vast sums of money that we do or contribute to run the school pool and donate large sums of money to fund the school.

The School Pool

Without the generosity of the people of Wedmore and surrounding areas we'd not be able to run the school pool. The Pool is Wedmore PTA's flagship project and money raised by the PTA has ensured that your children can swim in their own school pool in term time and summer holidays.

How can you help?

Your support is all we ask. Over the course of the next year we hope to raise in excess of £12,000 for our wonderful school with events.
If you feel you would like to help or contribute towards the PTA, or simply find out some more information please contact Gemma on gemma.pta@outlook.com.

Your school and your children need you!

Voluntary Contribution

From the start of the Winter term 2017 we're asking parents for a voluntary contribution of £20 to Wedmore First School and Nursery PTA. This will bring us in to line with Hugh Sexeys. Your one off contribution goes directly to school projects and facilities, enhancing your childs' schooling and school environment

PTA Contacts:

Chair – Gemma – gemma.pta@outlook.com
Secretary – Amelia - ameliahendry40@live.com
Treasurer - Emily – emilymulliner@gmail.com
Or you can contact/friend Wedmore PTA on Facebook



Upcoming  events ...

Race Night - 2 March 2018 7.30pm

Recent  events ...

Curry & Quiz Night – raised £2400
Pre-Loved Clothes Sale – raised £600
Winter Supper – raised £2,200
Smarties Challenge – raised £190
PTA Stall at Lamplight – raised £300
Christmas Craft Fair – raised £2,034
Christmas Cards – raised £587
School Disco – raised £200
Cook Books – have raised £1,000 so far!